Well-being as a driver for climate transition: From individual action to policy change

A sheet of stickers that say "I Voted"

(Outlet: Environmental Innovations Initiative) In recent work, part of the Public Deliberation on Climate Transitions and Well-Being research community, supported by the Environmental Innovations Initiative, Quinn, Kimbrough, and colleagues are seeking community input to understand how to enhance collective action on climate change through public deliberations. Read More

Sarah Light named inaugural presidential professor at Wharton for work on business, climate change

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(Outlet: Daily Pennsylvanian) Sarah Light has been appointed as the inaugural Mitchell J. Blutt and Margo Krody Blutt Presidential Professor at the Wharton School. Presidential professorships aim to help Penn attract and retain accomplished scholars and recognize their contributions. The Wharton appointment is one of three such professorships at Penn, with the other two housed in the School of Arts and Sciences and the Perelman School of Medicine. Read More

Zicklin Bright Index

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The Zicklin Bright Index (ZBI) is a ranking established in 2023 that seeks to classify companies demonstrating notable human rights awareness into tiers. Researchers evaluate corporations in a specific region based on their publicly available information, self-disclosure, and gross revenue. Importantly, the ZBI does not measure direct human rights performance but rather emphasizes transparency and disclosure practices as fundamental social goods.Read More