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Migration & Organizations Conference

Migration and Organizations Conference

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

October 21-22, 2022

The premier gathering of scholars at the intersection of migration and organizations. Now in its fifth edition, this conference is designed to advance rigorous research and strengthen our community of scholars. We are a welcoming group open to all disciplinary and methodological approaches.

Keynote Speakers

Ran Abramitzky

Ran Abramitzky

Professor of Economics, Stanford University
Co-Author, Streets of Gold

Leah Boustan

Leah Boustan

Professor of Economics, Princeton University
Co-Author, Streets of Gold

Irfhan Rawji

Irfhan Rawji

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Board Director, MobSquad


Friday, October 21

8:30 AM

Welcome and Introductions

9:00 AM


Immigrant CEOs and Leading During a Crisis
Britta Glennon (Wharton), Dany Bahar (Brown University), Prithwiraj Choudhury (Harvard Business School)

Immigrants and the Assignment of Expatriate Managers: Evidence from South Korean Multinational Companies
Elena Kulchina (North Carolina State University), Jaeho Kim (Wharton), Exequiel Hernandez (Wharton)

Bound by Ancestors: Immigration, Credit Frictions, and Global Supply Chain Formation
Jaerim Choi (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Jay Hyun (HEC Montréal), Ziho Park (National Taiwan University)

10:30 AM


10:45 AM


Exploring the Effects of Workplace Social Support for Refugees: A Multi-Perspective Study
Robin Pesch (Newcastle University), Ebru Ipek (San Francisco State University)

Pathways to Entrepreneurship for Immigrants: Migration, Citizenship, and Entrepreneurship
Joshua Bedi (Copenhagen Business School)

Forced Migration and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Ohio
Andrea Contigiani (Ohio State University), Fabrizio Dell’acqua (Harvard Business School)

12:15 PM


12:45 PM

Keynote Presentation (during lunch)

Irfhan Rawji
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, MobSquad

2:00 PM


2:15 PM


The Economic Effects of Immigration Pardons: Evidence from Venezuelan Entrepreneurs in Colombia
Dany Bahar (Brown University), Bo Cowgill (Columbia Business School), Jorge Guzman (Columbia Business School)

Isomorphism Revisited: Syrian Migrant Entrepreneurship Under the Microscope
Sam Kanaan

Cultural Roots of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Second-Generation Immigrants
Johannes Kleinhempel (Copenhagen Business School), Mariko J. Klasing (University of Groningen), Sjoerd Beugelsdijk (University of Groningen)

4:00 PM


4:15 PM


Immigration Restrictions and Employment Ethics
Liyah Lopez (Santa Clara University)

U.S. Immigration Enforcement Policies and Business Dynamics
Pia Orrenius (Dallas Federal Reserve), Madeline Zavodny (University of North Florida)

The Entrepreneurial Cognitive Adjustment Mechanism: Hybrid Entrepreneurship as a Solution to Mitigate Illegal Migration
Jorge Arteaga Fonseca (Oklahoma State University), Per Bylund (Oklahoma State University), Yi Zhang (Oklahoma State University)

6:30 PM


Saturday, October 22

8:30 AM


The Impact of Immigration on Firms and Workers: Insights from the H-1B Lottery and US Employer-Employee Data
Parag Mahajan (University of Delaware), Agostina Brinatti (University of Michigan), Mingyu Chen (IZA Institute of Labor Economics), Nicolas Morales (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond), Kevin Shih (Queens College, CUNY)

Telecom Growth and Rural-Urban Migration in India
Arnab Dutta (University of Southern California)

Does Employing Skilled Immigrants Enhance Competitive Performance? Evidence from European Football Clubs
Britta Glennon (Wharton), Francisco Morales (Universidad Diego Portales), Seth Carnahan (Washington University in St. Louis), Exequiel Hernandez (Wharton)

10:00 AM


10:15 AM


Heeding the Bully Pulpit: Immigrant Inequality through Executive Order Anticipatory Compliance
Ben Rissing (Cornell University), Katie Apker (Cornell University), Laura Carver (Cornell University)

Liability of Foreignness in Multinational Enterprises: The Role of Local Experience and Gender
Agnieszka Nowinksa (Aalborg University), Marte Solheim (University of Stavanger)

Monopsony in the High-Skilled Migrant Labor Market – Evidence from H-1B Petition Data
Seohee Kim (Duke University), Alison Pei (Duke University)

11:45 AM


12:15 PM

Keynote Presentation

Leah Boustan, Princeton University
Ran Abramitzky, Stanford University
Authors of Streets of Gold (all participants will receive a free copy of the book)

1:45 PM

Closing Remarks & Dismissal


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