Flood Insurance Around the World

Recognizing the growing interest in improving resilience to flood risk around the world and the role that insurance can play in that regard, several countries are debating what national flood insurance solutions they should have in place, or how to improve the current situations. Insurers are fully involved in those discussions, either because they cover the risk, partner with the national government in various capacities, or because they are contemplating market opportunities. To complement the existing discussions, the Zurich Alliance has started to analyze residential flood insurance markets around the world.

In every map, users can click on a country’s flag for a pop-up with a link to documents with additional information. The home page includes links to a glossary of flood insurance terms used in the maps as well as a table summarizing all 25 countries’ markets.

We intend that that these interactive maps are used by all interested parties, including decision makers in the public and private sectors alike, international organizations, academia and civil society. We hope that all interested parties will use these maps and give feedback and additional information, so that we can add more flood insurance details and countries to the maps. To that end, we invite you to browse, query, and search these maps.

Access the e-platform at this link: https://upenn.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/?appid=4fa76ed45f9f4ee5a5995c0ea7aef6f3
Currently there are five interactive maps describing national flood insurance markets in 25 countries:
1. Role of private sector: categorizes the role played by private insurance companies into administrators, primary insurers, or reinsurers
2. Role of public sector (government): categorizes the role of national governments as guarantors, primary insurers, regulators, and/or reinsurers
3. Voluntary (for residents to purchase) vs. mandatory purchase/offer
4. Single vs. bundled policies: describes whether flood insurance is offered as singular policy or bundled with other types of residential coverage
5. Query flood insurance attributes: countries are not classified in any unique way, but users can query or search specific flood insurance attributes derived from the above listed four maps