Moral Psychology and Business Ethics

Nina Strohminger, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics, is the faculty member responsible for leading the Moral Psychology & Business Ethics Pillar at the Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research. The Zicklin Center supports members of the scholarly community undertaking research on empirical questions within business ethics: How do individuals and firms make moral decisions that impact the business world? What strategies and reforms can be undertaken to increase ethical behavior in business and beyond? In addition to providing research support, the Center also hosts workshops and other speaker events.

Research Papers

Nina Strohminger, (2017), The Role of Moral Beliefs, Memories, and Preference in Representations of Identity.  Cognitive Science, 41(3), 744-767.

Nina Strohminger, (2015), Neurodegeneration and Identity, Psychological Science, 26(9), 1468-1479.