Learn about student programs and other ways to get involved with the Wharton Social Impact Initiative in the 2021–22 academic year.

Penn and Wharton students: welcome to a new school year! Want to learn more about the intersection of social impact and business?

Here are several opportunities to explore this academic year with the Wharton Social Impact Initiative:

1. Fund for Health

Join our newest impact investing program, the Penn Medicine – Wharton Fund for Health, and learn about investing in early-stage companies that have the potential to strengthen the social determinants of health for Philadelphia residents. The Fund for Health mirrors typical investment fund activities, so you’ll get real impact investing experience while connecting with entrepreneurs, investors, faculty, and other partners. Learn more and apply by 9/15. Open to Penn/Wharton undergrads, grads, and PhD students.

2. WIVA (Wharton Impact Venture Associates)

Experience impact investing today and work on real impact venture capital deals. By joining Wharton Impact Venture Associates (WIVA), you’ll get hands-on training in sourcing social impact companies and conducting rigorous due diligence. You’ll also link entrepreneurs with potential investors to facilitate opportunities for real impact investments. Learn more and apply by 9/15. Open to Penn/Wharton undergrads, grads, and PhD students.

3. Turner MIINT (MBA Impact Investing Network & Training)

Learn more about impact investing along with students all over the world. Turner MIINT is a global impact investing training program with 35+ business schools that culminates with a final competition. Joining Turner MIINT@Wharton will provide you with supplementary training and networking opportunities. Learn more and apply by 10/8. Open to Wharton MBAs and Penn graduate students.

4. TIPC (Total Impact Portfolio Challenge)

Aspiring to be a wealth or investment advisor? Put your skills to the test to meet your client’s impact and financial goals. The Total Impact Portfolio Challenge is an annual competition where you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to design and execute investment portfolios that maximize impact across asset classes. Learn more and apply by 10/4. Open to Wharton MBAs and Penn graduate students.

5. TSIS (Turner Social Impact Society)

Interested in deepening your knowledge about social impact? Apply to Turner Social Impact Society (TSIS), a select community of Penn and Wharton undergraduate scholars who spend the academic year examining a social impact research question in close collaboration with faculty. Learn more and apply by 9/20. Open to Penn/Wharton undergrads.

6. Special Events

Learn from special guest speakers who join us to discuss impact investing and other social impact topics. In the past, we’ve heard from Radhika Shroff (Managing Director, Impact Investing Private Equity at Nuveen), Joe Lipscomb (Co-Founder and Partner at Arborview Capital), and Gayle Jennings O’Byrne and Pialy Aditya (Co-Founders and General Partners at WOCstar Fund). We’ll send you updates throughout the year as other industry experts join us in conversation. Sign up to be in the loop about events.

7. Dollars and Change Podcast

Have you checked out our podcast, Dollars and Change? Grab your headphones and a coffee, and catch up on episodes with leading industry experts who are changing the world through social enterprises, impact investing, corporate social responsibility programs, social impact research, and more. Recent guests include leaders from Google, Warby Parker, The Ford Foundation, Impact America Fund, and more.

8. Social Impact Courses

Wharton offers numerous courses that will help you understand and tackle many of the most pressing social and environmental challenges in the world. Each semester, we update our “Social Impact Courses” page so that you can explore and find a course that matches your interests. We list courses that are available for the upcoming semester as well as courses that may be offered in other semesters.

9. Ongoing Student Opportunities

Opportunities like paid internships, fellowships, and virtual events pop up throughout the semester. If you haven’t already done so, take a minute to sign up for our student-specific list. You’ll not only get our monthly newsletter that shares general social impact updates, but you’ll also receive information tailored specifically (and exclusively!) for Penn/Wharton students.

Visit the Wharton Social Impact website for more ways to stay connected.

— Nisa Nejadi

Posted: August 31, 2021

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