The Entrepreneurship Expo brings together all of the entrepreneurship resources at the University of Pennsylvania and in the Philadelphia ecosystem—in one room.

Each year, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship kicks off the school year by bringing together entrepreneurial resources from across the University and the region for an Entrepreneurship Expo, where students can take in at a glance the huge quantity of programs, awards, funding sources, accelerators, workshops, and more — and get involved.

The Expo is the first place where many students learn about the tools they’ll use to turn an idea into a startup; grow a fledgling venture; or join an early stage venture.

This year, the Expo featured 16 Penn organizations, 10 student groups, and 17 Philadelphia resources, all focused on providing support to entrepreneurs — and more than 250 entrepreneurial students came from across the University.

We asked a few of them to tell us what brought them to the Expo, and this is what we heard:

Posted: October 26, 2017

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