Bryan Mena-Martinez has learned how to make the most of his time at Penn and Wharton — and after.

3 best things about Wharton

  • Wharton cohorts: Wharton provides funding to a group of students who try and plan a great time for other Wharton students! YAY! Did I mention I am a freshman director of this great organization?
  • I lovvvvvvveee exploring the city with friends! This consists of finding a new tasty restaurant, going home with my South Philly friend, losing myself on long walks (I need the steps for my Fitbit competitions), and going to a new karaoke stop or BYOs with student groups and close friends.
  • On campus recruiting: I know it is stressful for most, but I think it is amazing that Wharton/Penn produces such talented students that employers are rushing to campus to try and hire them.

Something unexpected that I learned at Penn

I have learned not to waste a second of my time. This does not mean I am always studying or working to get ahead in my career. This means I have learned to get out of my dorm and go out and meet new people instead of staying in and watching Netflix. This means grabbing dinner with your friends or someone to catch up instead of eating alone. Every second is precious and Penn has me enjoying every second of it

What makes Wharton/Penn special

Wharton/Penn makes failing impossible. You can get a low GPA, do not get me wrong, but you cannot leave this school a failure. You learn so much in class and, most importantly, due to the environment. Penn is the kind of place where you and your friends can stay up until 5am discussing how to improve the US political system or international relations. The kind of place that pushes you to be the very best you can be because everyone else around you is reaching for the stars. So, even if you reach for the stars and land on the moon, you are not a failure.

What I want to do with my business education

I really enjoying trading equities so I will probably pursue investment management or venture capital immediately after graduation. However, in the long term I want give back to those in my childhood situation. I want to run a non-profit that helps high-achieving low-income minority students get into college through test prep, college visits, and exposure to college students. All things they do not have access to when they come from underfunded public high schools and working-class families.

Posted: June 21, 2017

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