WIVA’s Latest Researched Company Aims to Improve Learning Outcomes for Indigenous Students

7 Generation Games

7GG was born when researchers, including co-founder Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, analyzed the learning outcomes of Native American and Alaskan Native students. They observed that these Indigenous students were underperforming compared to other students across the United States, and that existing approaches to change the outcomes were not yielding results. Digging deeper into the research, they hypothesized that integrating familiar language and culture into math education could improve test outcomes.Read More

WIVA students connected a gaming startup addressing youth mental health to crowdfunding platform

Superbetter Logo

Students at Wharton Impact Venture Associates (WIVA), an experiential investing program at the Wharton School, researched SuperBetter, a science-backed mental health startup addressing mental health challenges for youth. Impressed by its potential impact, they connected the company to the crowdfunding platform Republic.Read More