The ESG Initiative at the Wharton School


Teaching award: innovating business schools push towards a brighter future

Outlet: Financial Times

By combining hands-on experience with tools such as VR headsets and AI, schools are improving their teaching on sustainability and the climate crisis. Wharton professors Arthur van Benthem and Mirko Heinle’s course “Climate and Financial Markets” has been Highly Commended by the Financial Times Responsible Business Education Awards for Best Innovative Recent Teaching Materials on Sustainability or Climate Change Adaptation with a Special Focus on Finance.


Business schools keep finding new ways to meet the increasing demands of students — from the use of virtual reality tools on campus to hands-on interaction with companies driving towards sustainability. And the submissions for this year’s Responsible Business Education awards showed a growing emphasis on including sustainability in all aspects of their curricula, a trend most apparent in European institutions.


The judges also praised the practical application of simulations by universities to make wider points about the need for a sustainable future. “One of the striking features of the stronger submissions this year was that they featured consortia of schools and colleges of business, collaborating on design and delivery of sustainability programming,” says Andrew Karolyi, dean at Cornell business school and one of the judges.