The ESG Initiative at the Wharton School


Financial Times Highlights Wharton Social Impact Research and Programs in a Special Report

The Financial Times featured Wharton and the Wharton Social Impact Initiative (WSII) in an October 20th article about business schools shaping the future of social impact.

The article prominently featured the WISE Fellowship, Wharton Impact Ventures Associates (WIVA), and WSII research on what makes companies good employers for women and impact investing.

Featured excerpts:

Student Projects:

Wharton Social Impact is highlighted for two student programs that provide experiential learning in consulting, research, and impact investing.


“Wharton Impact Student Experience Fellowship offers small teams at Penn and Wharton to help impact investors, start-up entrepreneurs or cutting-edge researchers. Wharton Impact Venture Associates offers training to identify and conduct due diligence on companies with a social impact mission.”


Wharton Social Impact is featured for its research on the top workplace outcomes for women and impact investing financial performance.


“‘Four for Women: a framework for evaluating companies’ impact on the women they employ’ identifies the outcomes that matter most for women — representation, pay, health and satisfaction — and identifies possible metrics to assess them.’ 

‘Great expectations: mission preservation and financial performance in impact investing’ shows impact-investing private equity funds can achieve market-rate performance.’” 

To read more, see the full Financial Times article.