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Impact Finance Research Consortium Receives Award from Catalytic Capital Consortium (C3)

catalutic capital consortium logoCatalytic capital – investment capital that is patient, risk-tolerant, and flexible – is needed to fight inequality, climate change, and more.

We’re proud that the Impact Finance Research Consortium (Wharton Social Impact Initiative’s impact investing research collaboration with Harvard Business School and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business) will receive support from the Catalytic Capital Consortium Grantmaking program.

The IFRC is part of a cohort of Catalytic Capital Consortium awards that are funding research projects in seven countries to analyze past uses of catalytic capital, generating learnings that will grow the market and fuel social and environmental impact.

This funding will enable the IFRC to expand its database on impact investing funds, boosting the scope and significance of their findings. The resulting practitioner-oriented report aims to be one of the first detailed quantitative analyses of the prevalence, applications, and results of catalytic capital investment, one that taps a large sample of domestic and international fund managers. In addition to this report, the IFRC will share findings through professional convenings, webinars, and podcasts.

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