June 15, 2018

On June 14th, The Wharton Risk Center’s Policy Incubator received the Julio Castelo Matrán International Insurance Award from Fundación MAPFRE, a Madrid-based non-profit foundation committed to human well-being and social progress. Presented biennially, the €30,000 award recognizes projects that foster economic stability and solidarity through insurance and/or social protection.

Led by Carolyn Kousky, Director of Policy Research and Engagement at the Wharton Risk Center, the Policy Incubator supports novel approaches for increasing resilience through the development of visionary ideas, encouragement of innovative thinkers, and the advancement of workable on-the-ground solutions. In addition to conducting rigorous policy research and analysis, the Incubator brings together experts from different disciplines and sectors to design and implement policies that make households and communities more resilient to the impacts of natural disasters.

Fundación MAPFRE describes the Policy Incubator as “an innovative, powerful and differentiating project to put ideas into action and to address the need to alleviate the consequences of natural phenomena that weaken social cohesion.”

Dr. Kousky was in Madrid Thursday to accept the award from Queen Sofia of Spain at Fundación MAPFRE’s annual ceremony (pictured below).