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Transformative change starts with responsible research

Outlet: Times Higher Education
We have a duty to teach the next generation of business leaders about inclusivity, sustainability and corporate 
responsibility, say Erika H. James and Ilian Mihov.

Those who hoped for a quiet start to the year after 2022’s turbulence have been disappointed. Fresh geopolitical rifts – surveillance balloons above the US, Russian threats to escalate military action – have opened up, while rising food and energy prices continue to impact consumers. Economic growth across Europe is sluggish, and industrial disputes on both sides of the Atlantic are dragging on. The threats of wildfires, extreme heat and flooding – which stem from global warming – also loom large.

While some turn to political leaders for answers, others are increasingly looking to businesses for leadership on these pressing global problems. According to the latest edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer, the public continued to place greater trust in businesses than any other institutions – just ahead of NGOs, and some distance ahead in the trust stakes than governments or the media.