The ESG Initiative at the Wharton School


Twentyeight Health Announces $8.3 Million In Funding, Making Health Care More Accessible To BIPOC And Underserved Communities

Outlet: Forbes
The Fund for Health, a joint initiative of Penn Medicine and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Initiative at the Wharton School joins other mission-driven funds in backing 
Twentyeight Health in its latest funding round.

While telehealth has incredible potential to improve healthcare for all, current data from both Rock Healthand the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, shows that, in the U.S., it is used primarily by wealthier Americans living in urban areas. Twentyeight Health is defying this trend as the first women’s virtual healthcare platform supporting the full spectrum of patients, focusing on inclusive care for medically underserved groups including lower-income individuals and communities of color.

So far, Fan, Van Tuykom, and their team have helped over 60,000 individuals access women’s healthcare services, and its user base continues to grow each month. Van Tuykom shares how 55% of its users are enrolled in Medicaid, 58% identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) and 60% reside in non-urban areas. “A whopping 63% of our birth control users did not have access to birth control prescriptions before using Twentyeight Health’s services”, Van Tuykom adds.